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Snapshot Book Review - "Trust Me" Short Stories by John Updike

Trust Me Trust Me by John Updike

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In honor of Updike's recent death and my great fondness for his short fiction in particular, as well as his Rabbit series, I recently read "Trust Me,"which I happened to pick up at the library this fall in a strange coincidence. This book confirms was all the obituaries have been highlighting, the Updike was a real chronicler of the middle class, and an expert observer of the smaller moments in life, such as feeling sick on a plane, eyeing someone at a party, noticing the way someone smokes a cigarette or a cup of coffee. I call these "landmark" moments, and he really understood how to make these add up to a large emotional payoff. Even though these stories were written over 30 years ago, they are timeless. My favorite story this collection is the title work, "Trust Me," which depicts in painful detail a man still getting over his divorce and trying to move on to new relationships and the scary world of meeting strangers again.

I am very interested in reading the story, "My Friends from Philadelphia" (is this the name?) and "Pigeon Feathers," which I think is another collection, has anyone read these?

I'm surprised they haven't made a movie out of more than the others outside of "Witches of Eastwick." Also, has anyone read his last book, which was the "Widows of Eastwick?"

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