Saturday, February 07, 2009

Melissa and Me

I was thrilled to attend the 6th Annual Biodiesel Fuel Conference in San Francisco last week, as PRESS for an upcoming news article I am writing. On Tuesday Feb 3, I really enjoyed the General Session, which featured 2 celebrity highlights, Daryl Hannah, who has been championing this cause for some time now, and Etheridge, who traded in her "fancy" cars for biodiesel a few years ago, and never looked back.

I was particularly moved by Etheridge, who, in between treating the audience to 2 award winning songs, recounted a summary of key moments in her whirwind life, including rising to the pinnacle of her career, suddenly discovering she had breast cancer, recovering from breast cancer, and then realizing she needed to do more with her life. Although she did indeed "always want to be a rock star."

"I got a phone call from Al Gore, " she stated, "and he invited me to view this little slide show..." The viewing was of course "The Inconvenient Truth," and Etheridge was invited to score the song for the film, "I Need to Wake Up," which she performed with her characteristic passion and vigor for the crowd on Tuesday. It was my first time hearing it, and my first time hearing her live --she has such a powerful stage presence it's no wonder her career has been so impressive.

Etheridge also spoke about how the recent "Miracle on the Hudson," have her a renewed faith in the world and in society, something we all need right now.
"When that happened, and all those people were OK, I knew we were going to be all right," she said.

Etheridge also won the Influencer award from the NBB (National Biodiesel Board) and now only uses biodiesel on her tour buses.

Biodiesel is a domestic, renewable fuel for diesel engines derived from natural oils like soybean oil.

Here is my video of the conference highlights.

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