Monday, January 26, 2009

5 Ways Nonprofits Can Successfully Use Video

I found this very informative YouTube video by Ramya Raghavan, Nonprofit & Activism Manager, YouTube, that highlights 5 key ways nonprofits can effectively use video for key messaging, such as:
  1. public service announcements (with a twist - they need to be creative, original, and "out of the box")
  2. video campaigns - encourage the public to submit videos with a given theme, or for a cause
  3. fundraising appeals - a great way to ask for money, especially if you do it creatively and in the scenario highlighted in the video, ask contributors what they feel should be done with the money. This gives donors a sense that they are stakeholders and players.
  4. training videos
  5. the serial "vlog" - find the person in your organization who likes to be on camera, and set them up to do weekly segments and interviews.
I'm researching other ways nonprofits can use video, and welcome your ideas, particularly if you know of a successful campaign.

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