Thursday, December 18, 2008

Nothing Like Facebook for the Holidays and 4 Quick Tips

Caroline Jaffe Pickett's Facebook profile

Here I am in my grade school shot from the Fleming School,
middle row, 3rd from the right.

After having taken somewhat of a break from Facebook to focus on Twitter, I have a new appreciate for this social networking tool, and feel I have used it of late (the last 24 hours) in the way its founders most likely reconnect with my Obie (Oberlin) classmates, some of whom I have not seen since graduation! So far, I uploaded a photo album, a video, sent about 10 messages back and forth to various folks, added friends, looked at their Walls and photos, and then took a time out to absorb everything. My former roomate works for the associated press and just got back from a
whirlwind tour covering the campaign. Another friend changed her name to what her parents apparently originally intended - I recognized her photo so I knew it was her. Some people posted photos of themselves from our time on campus. Some look the same, some look very different. It's interesting to see how our perspectives change over time, and how in the end, I think we Obies do stick together. It must have been all those nights in Mudd, studying for finals in the famous "embryo" chairs.

A few helpful hints when using Facebook:
1. If you group your friends list and give it a separate name, you can easily send links and posts to that group without having to type everyone's e mail. Just import using the Selection Tool from your All Friends groups to whatever you have named the new group.
2. I created the badge above using the link at the bottom of the Profile page. You can create a horizontal badge like this one, or a vertical badge, and then copy and paste the HTML Code.
3. I had trouble uploading photos and kept getting an error message. If this happens to you, go ahead and use the link they provide just below the upload area, and it will let you upload directly from the files you select off your hard drive. No problem on this once I switched methods.
4. If you are uploading videos, they have to be under 20 minutes, and make sure they have an extension, such as MOV for Quicktime, otherwise you will get an error message.

As if all that nostalgia weren't enough, here is a link to 2 grade school photos from The Fleming School in New York, that I stumbled upon last night when trying to find an old friend. It's amazing how well I remember all my classmates. The photo is also pictured above, I am in the middle row, 3rd from the right.

Happy Holidays, reunions (online or otherwise) and reconnections during this special holiday season...

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