Thursday, October 02, 2008

New Video from Blog World Expo in Las Vegas

As a happy subscriber to Problogger, I enjoyed viewing Daren Rouse's new video from the recent Blog World Expo in Las Vegas, in which he makes good use of his Flip camera (I won one of these this summer at the You Tube conference) to interview some prominent bloggers, asking them for advice and tips. Daren (cool Australian dude) is really a super blogger, which I define as someone who makes a significant living by blogging. They are few and far between, but they do exist. He always has great posts about getting your message out along with the latest technical bells and whistles. Most of the suggestions have to do with marketing. Get out there and meet people, you never know how the monetization side of things is going to develop. Also, so important to make sure viewers have an easy way to subscribe or get feeds. Others emphasize the importance of asking readers a question, and not to cover all aspects of a topic, but to leave the door open for discussion. Daren used his new Flip Mino Series Camcorder to interview 15 or so bloggers, and this clip is the first 3 interviews - Chris Brogan, Patsi Krakoff and Denise Wakeman and David Peralty.

My best blogging tip, if I were asked, would probably be to emphasize the importance of being genuine. You can always tell when someone is writing about an experience they really had, or trying to make something up because it sounds good. Readers and audiences respond much better to those who admit that they only know a certain amount about a topic, but that what they do know is helpful and accurate. As a reader and a writer, I think the importance of relevant anecdotes is key - I know I really enjoy hearing stories that are relevant that really bring a point home.

Were you at the Expo or others like it, and what did you most get out of it? What would be your best blogging tip? Let us know... and blog on!

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Denise Wakeman aka The Blog Squad said...

Great blogging tip that you added. Definitely being genuine is the way to get the best results from your blog (whatever you want those results to be).

Blog on!