Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Price Yourself Right

I recently discovered an excellent resource, Price Yourself Right written by Jane Francis, a marketing copywriter who shares her tips on negotiating pricing based on 15 years experience dealing with clients of all kinds. The book covers many great topics, such as...

  • mental pitfalls to charging what you're worth
  • gaining insight into how your customers feel about money
  • the skills you need to charge what you are worth
  • motivating yourself to price yourself right
This is the first book I've seen that really deals with the emotional issues involved with pricing. I related to the author, as she writes toward the end of the book about running the New York City Marathon, as I had done. She had thought part of it would be easy, but in truth, none of it was easy, but she did it anyway. A very inspiring story and really helpful for anyone wanting to understand the psychology of pricing and money issues.

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