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July E-News

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July 2008
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janHello everyone! As you may have noticed, we took a brief break from our e-news, as we ventured northward from Irvine to here in Menlo Park in late March/early April, where we are happily situated about half an hour south of San Francisco and north of San Jose. The robustness of the area in terms of the nonprofit and business communities, the amazing folks we met during our visits in the fall, and the liveliness of the peninsula, called to us, so here we are! But we didn't leave the Los Angeles area without one last trip to Disneyland to celebrate our birthdays, a sad goodbye to our favorite beach at Dana Point, and a visit to the famous Pink's hot dogs, (family-owned, since 1939) a delicious treat with an infinite number of combination platters (including veggie substitutes) and a huge line on the street at 11 am! Go figure. These people really take their hot dogs as seriously as New Yorkers. Definitely check out the web site, as they use cute little hot dog logos to know I love stuff like that. In the process of moving, we dealt with interesting dilemmas, such as unpacking the electric mixer ("do you have it? I thought you had it..."), navigating Pebble Beach before sunset, and taking our plants with us in the back seat of our car, including Ivy, Fern, Fikie, and get the idea. For those of you wanting more of the full experience, I put together a new video featuring highlights of the trip, which I posted on You Tube. Please check it out, let me know your thoughts, and feel free to subscribe and/or comment, as I plan on adding new videos to the mix, particularly film and movie reviews.

This issue brings you the latest news from carriefreelance and its client, Sunrise Advisors.

Sunrise Advisors Attends California Clean Tech Event at SRI International

sunriselogo Hundreds Attend to Network and Exchange Ideas on Clean Energy

Sunrise, a client of Carrie Freelance, was thrilled to attend the Clean Tech Open in Menlo Park at SRI headquarters. Several hundred people ranging from entrepreneurs, to students and scientists interested in entering the upcoming Clean Tech Competion, came out to hear speakers from several leading laboratories and research facilities, who discussed their upcoming initiatives, ranging in innovations in lighting, to water treatment and filtration, to maximized use of solar power. In a highlight of the evening, Sunrise co-founder Emmett Pickett was interviewed about Sunrise and its activities by Ke Yuan, reporter for New Tang Dynasty Television, and the segment aired on Monday, May 5. The California Clean Tech Open is an independent effort by entrepreneurs, researchers, environmentalists, investors and others to create economic growth and environmental sustainability by sparking a clean technology cluster in California.

van jonesSunrise also made the rounds at several significant Bay Area green events, where we met some amazing people who are doing a lot to make a difference in global warming, green jobs, and sustainability. In June, we attended an incredible celebratory evening organized by Green for All, the Oakland based organization dedicated to building an inclusive green economy strong enough to lift people out of poverty, headed up by Van Jones. An advocate for the toughest urban constituencies and causes, Van has won many honors, including: the 1998 Reebok International Human Rights Award; the International Ashoka Fellowship; selection as a World Economic Forum "Young Global Leader;" the Rockefeller Foundation "Next Generation Leadership" Fellowship; Elle Magazine Green Award 2008; George Lucas Foundation's "Daring Dozen 2008;" Hunt Prime Mover Award 2008; Campaign for America's Future "Paul Wellstone Award 2008;" and Global Green USA "Community Environmental Leadership" Award.

Stay Tuned for More Events to follow...

What Am I Writing Lately?

I am thrilled to be writing a feature for an upcoming issue of Bay Area Business Woman, one of the leading publications in the area for women entrepreneurs and professionals. I am profiling and up-and-coming young artist and illustrator. Stay tuned for the August issue for the article link...

I am also excited about writing and editing print and online marketing materials for several local businesses here on the Peninsula. I'll have updates on this next month.
Technology Update

Do You Squidoo?squidoo
I have been spending part of the summer exploring social media web sites, and having heard much about Squidoo, I decided to venture forth into the highly addictive web site and learn more about it. Squidoo was founded by author, speaker, and notable blogger Seth Godin, and offers all of us the chance to be experts by creating "lenses" that offer information and a point of view on any number of topics. My research revealed lenses on everything from banana recipes to exotically designed toilet seat covers, to everything you ever wanted to know about...just about anything. Authors have the chance to earn income by sharing a percentage of the profits with the site owners, and 5% of all profits go to social causes and nonprofits. There are over 400,000 lenses published already. So it's on my list to try this out and maybe I can work up to being a Giant Squid! Has anyone published lenses on this site, and how has it affected your business or traffic to your web site? E-mail me at carrie@carriefreelance and let me know!
Movie Review

get smart new Get Smart ....Missed it by "That Much..."

The new movie is good....

old smart

but the original is better!

Anyone who is a fan of the original "Get Smart" television series will be pleased that several of the iconic moments of that series live on in the movie, although for this viewer, that was really all that was left in a film that really was quite a departure from the original. Yay for the shoe phone, that makes only one appearance toward the end of the film, and for the infamous telephone booth, which in this case leads us to the shiny high tech chaos headquarters, transformed for modern times in a NASA like command center, that fortunately doesn't take itself too seriously. Yay for the cone of silence, updated to be an infrared type deal which still thank goodness doesn't allow anyone to hear anything, even with all that shouting.
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