Thursday, July 17, 2008

48 Social Networking News Websites

One of my favorite bloggers, doshdosh, wrote an excellent post a while back where he actually lists 48 social networking news sites, including descriptions of each one and screen shots so you can see how the home page looks. I can't imagine how long this must have taken, but it's very impressive and helpful if you're trying to decide where to spend your time on the social networking side of things. While I had heard of many of the popular sites, there were some surprises, such as wordsy, literary news for fiction and poetry lovers, and, where users can post their favorite items and where they are sold. Do you have any favorites that we might not have heard of yet? Wonder what the next big one will be....

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Lindsay said...

I'm not what anyone would call an early adopter when it comes to social networking sites. I just started twittering, a mere year or two after it came out... :P

I like to let other people do the work of deciding what's good and what will last before jumping on the bandwagon. For building links to my sites and making money, I still prefer to rely on good old-fashioned SEO.