Sunday, June 29, 2008

Waiting for the iPhone That's Worth It

When the first iPhone came out last year, we decided to wait until the next one, knowing it usually took a full technology "cycle" to get the kinks out, kinks we read about and talked to with friends that made us feel glad we had decided to wait. When the announcement of the second iPhone came, we were ready, or at least more ready, to go shopping, until we started reading about further concerns and wondering if we could live without this technological marvel for at least another year. A recent article in Forbes by technology writer Brian Caulfield delineates some of the concerns:
1. Cost: At $199, the price is cheaper then the first iPhone, but hidden costs from AT&T have reviewers concerned that over a two-year period, the cost is actually more.
2. No Flash: The new phone doesn't support Adobe's new flash technology, which means that many web sites will not be viewable.
3. No replaceable batteries: Apparently there is no easy way to pop in batteries, leaving me to wonder...what to do when the batteries run out?
4. No video recording: Apparently, you can't take a video either. This is something I would look for in any new technology I was purchasing.

So to sum up, I think I'll wait. If anyone out there is planning on buying the new iPhone, I'm interested in your reviews and, for the sake of fairness in journalism, let me know all the great stuff it does do so I can at least get a little but excited about it!

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