Thursday, June 05, 2008

Cafe Gratitude...What a Concept

We saw the cool web site with the groovy rotating sky art. We thought: wow, cool.
We took the long voyage to Berkeley, passed the front door, and said, what the heck, we're hungry, let's do this.
A friendly waitress who seemed to be really in touch with her chakras and seemed like she wanted us to be as well, sat us down at a group table where a rather stressed looking couple and their kids were having a rather intense meal.
"Try the mushroom soup," the woman said to me emphatically, and I nodded, surprised that she had even seen me.
Wow. Cool, I thought.
We ordered salads and miso soup and of course, a mushroom soup, and some interesting drink concoctions, one of which was a cucumber frothy type deal, with lemon. It was rather intoxicating. It was like having a saki, only no alcohol. We felt woozy afternoon, like it was 90 proof or some such thing. I said, who knew? cool.
While waiting for our food, we played a board game where we had to answer questions about life and love and money. I felt I needed more time to think about my answers and would make notes on the train ride home.
We observed the little bowls with the "what are you grateful for?" question inscribed on the bottom.
"Are they being rhetorical?" we discussed briefly.
We enjoyed that staff's rousing rendition of the Beatles "Hear It's Your Birthday!," in celebration of that special occasion at the table next to us.
"Gonna have a good time!" the whole restaurant sang. It was like the eco version of American Idol.
The soups were rich and tangy. The salads were amazing. Crunchy. Restorative. Beyond salad, really, full of shredded carrots and thinly sliced tomatoes, and even more cucumbers, and some kind of ginger orange dressing that was...well., way cool.
Afterwards, our waitress brought us this tubular breakfast bar dipped in chocolate for future snacking. I felt like having it right away.
No, we should wait, we decided. We should be grateful that the breakfast bar exists at all. That we exist. We should be grateful for the planet, global warming and all.
Next time, I'll try another kind of salad dressing. I'm getting grateful in advance.

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