Friday, May 02, 2008

An Excellent Time Was Had By All

In honor of our recent move to Menlo Park, I thought I was post some photo highlights from recent events!

Kite flying in Bayshore Park...

"Wow, I wonder how high can I go with this thing before it gets hopelessly tangled and I have to spend the rest of the afternoon fixing the string?"

"Ah, breathe in that fresh California air. See, it's just not like this on the New York City subway..."

Menlo Park Community Chorus Spring Concert

Here I am getting ready just before the concert at the Community Center in Burgess Park. I only had 3 weeks to rehearse since I thought they were starting all new music, but apparently they had been rehearsing since January. Hmmm.

"How does that last one go again?"

program and souvenir from the evening....

At a friend's garden in Palo Alto...

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