Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Using Online Testimonials

A recent issue of Wilson's Web Marketing Today discusses the importance of online testimonials in getting customers and credibility. This is not totally a surprise, but it is interesting that it has been shown to have such an impact, given that one could easily make them up! But apparently viewers and potential customers like the fact that comments are written in a different voice from that of the business or company owner. A testimonial should be colloquial - something that readers can easily respond to, that does not sound overblown or exaggerated. Testimonials should come from recent positive client experiences. Also, if you have received unsolicited positive e-mails, ask the sender if you can use their comments on your web site. I have received many positive comments on my e newsletters, but never published them, and I'm now reconsidering that approach. Also, it is important to get testimonials from everyday folks, and not be overly concerned with celebrity endorsements.

I'm interested in your experiences with testimonials. Do you feel like you need them? Do your readers believe they are true? Have they helped you get more clients and projects?

In the meantime, this is a testimonial to a great article about testimonials!

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