Wednesday, February 20, 2008

7 Heart Healthy Food Tips

In honor of February being heart healthy month, I found these tips from on keeping your heart healthy and your system running smoothly very helpful to keep in mind.
1. Cook with garlic - reduces your chances of developing cardiovascular disease by 25% ; garlic reduces cholesterol production in the liver.
2. Drink red wine - lowers LDL and raises HDL levels.
3. Eat 4 cups of fruits and veggies daily - lowers blood pressure and dilates the arteries.
4. Cut out the salt - this lowers blood pressure.
5. Eat 3 five ounce servings a week of cold water fish such as salmon and mackerel - increases your intake of omega-3 fatty acids, which reduces blood clots.
6. Eat a handful of nuts daily, which contain heart protective monounsaturared fats.
7. Two ounces of chocolate daily (with 60% cocoa content) reduces your cardiovascular risk by 11 %.
So have a merry and heart healthy February, and don't forget to keep these foods in mind throughout the year!

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