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Carrie Freelance February Newsletter

February 2008
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Steps , California State University Alumni Magazine, San Marcos

steps coverThe 2 features I wrote for Steps recently appeared in the winter 2007 issue! The first is a profile of sociology professor Gary Rolison, who was inspired by the social unrest that marked the 60's, to make his mark on the world and fight injustices and prejudice. The second features profiles of disadvantaged high school students in the San Diego North County area who turned their lives around through their own determination, and the help of their families, teachers, and social networks. Read their inspiring stories!

Founder of JPS Global Investments Jan Schalkwijk
Joins Advisory Board

janSunrise Advisors, a client of Carrie Freelance and a newly formed parternship whose goal is to provide customized small business services for sustainable organizations, is pleased to announce that Jan Schalkwijk has recently joined its Board of Advisors. Jan is the president and founder of JPS Global Investments, a San Diego-based investment advisory firm specializing in socially responsible investing. JPS Global serves individual and institutional investors, including nonprofits and green businesses. Jan has over 10 years' experience in the investment industry and holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. Prior to founding JPS Global, Jan was vice president of investment platforms at Franklin Templeton Investments. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from Menlo College and his Master of Business Administration from Santa Clara University. Read more ....


To learn more about Sunrise Advisors, click on the logo above...

A Great "Green" Time Was Had by All
We attended the first annual Eco Gift Expo in Santa Monica in December, where hundreds of exhibitors were on hand with great eco holiday gifts in every category, from candles to stationery to jewelry, to organic and fair trade teas, coffees, and chocolates, and much more. The festival was founded by Tommy Rosen and was the first large scale holiday gift show for eco-conscious people. Tommy is a marketing and strategic partnership expert with extensive experience as a film and live event producer. Tommy launched the Eco Gift Expo to address the inconveniences, difficult emotions and incredible waste associated with the holidays and holiday shopping. In 2005, Tommy co-produced the California Tomorrow Festival as part of The United Nations' World Environment Day in San Francisco. The festival featured 50 renewable energy companies on display in San Francisco's Civic Center Plaza and was attended by tens of thousands of people. This experience was pivotal in Tommy's decision to commit to helping people make positive, healthful and sustainable lifestyle decisions. Tommy will continue to grow Eco Gift Expo and EcoGift.com to create new avenues for eco-conscious businesses to succeed.

One organization that really got our attention was saveasnowman, whose goals is to help eliminate global warming. We were thrilled that we could sponsor our own "snowman," and that the proceeds would go toward funding for the environment. To find out more, visit their website.

A Teenager Struggles Smartly with Life and Love

junoI was somewhat skeptical of all the great reviews of "Juno," only because in this day and age of cynicism, could anything really be that great? I have to say the film lives up to its reputation of being witty and original. Although the plot itself is not particularly unique, the writing is, and the screenplay and the characters truly make this film, along with the folksy sing-a-long soundtrack that almost made me feel like I should be following the bouncing ball.

Ellen Page makes an extremely convincing 16-year old who finds herself pregnant, and after some well deserved emotional teenage angst, decides to keep the baby. Jennifer Garner and Jason Bateman play the yuppy seemingly perfect couple who are going to adopt, with some interesting twists and turns along the way. Although I felt the film was trying to be too cute at times and relied heavily on Juno's dialogue which was loaded with cultural references (Sonic this and you are soooo that), she was always smart and endearing. I would have liked to see a bit more depth to the characters of her parents - it seemed like the writer was somewhat conflicted about making them nice and understanding vs. distant and disconnected. You should see it if you haven't already - you will no doubt find yourself humming along to its many melodies along the way.

Here is a clip from the movie for your viewing enjoyment!

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