Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Video on Blogging Tips from Andrew Beal

I recently came across this excellent video interview of Andrew Beal, founder of Marketing Pilgrim, a resource for online advertising and marketing. The video covers several important points regarding business blogging, such as: who needs a business blog? What are the best blogging platforms and why? What are the first steps in establishing your blog, and what are the best ways to promote it? In the "Blogger vs. Wordpress" debate, Beal points out that Word Press has the advantage of offering users many plug-ins, and therefore greater functionality than Blogger, with only a slightly higher learning curve. Also, with Wordpress, your web site becomes your blog, and with more frequent updates, is more often picked up by search engines such as Google. Beal also points out the needs to blog with regularity so your readers know what to expect from you, and also the importance of having a consistent voice and tone. Decide at the outset: is your blog going to be humorous or more serious? Will it be about industry trends, or more about your day to day business activities? One of the most important features of a blog is that it lends a personality to you business. People increasingly need a face behind the business, Beal emphasizes, and blogs provide that.

Has anyone switched from Blogger to Wordpress, and what has been the result? I'm curious to know your experience. Also, how often do you comment on other blogs in your related industry? This is an important aspect of increasing your web presence. Good luck, and happy blogging in 2008!

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