Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Very Merry "Grinchmas"

This holiday season, I have been fortunate enough to do many of my favorite things, and to even discover some new favorites. I have eaten my meal of choice - prime rib, with baked potato and horseradish sauce (yummo!); attended an excellent holiday production of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" at San Diego's Old Globe Theatre; seen the parade of holiday lights on this ships at the Dana Point harbor; taken a horse and buggy ride and seen a great ice show at one of the local theme parks; and watched my share of goopy Lifetime holiday movies where marriages fail and then reconcile, broken families come back together, lost souls find love again, etc. I have watched "Food Network" celebrities share their secrets for quick appetizers and foolproof holiday meals before the perfect snowy backdrop. I have eaten too much sugar and chocolate, stayed up too late, watched Charlie Brown and Rudolf, and thought about holidays in the past, and what the future will bring. I have read countless e-mails on the meaning of the season, on how not to gain holiday pounds, how to avoid holiday stress, how to discover the inner meaning of this special time of year. The other morning, I realized I was on overload. That perhaps part of me was trying too hard, and the e-mails I had been getting were, in a sense, on the right track. True happiness was about balancing one's life, and of course, sharing and giving to others. After all, the citizens of Who-ville were just as happy Christmas morning even though the Grinch had taken their presents and holiday feast away the night before. So my holiday gift to myself was to give myself permission to be in - yes - a bad mood. Instead of doing things I loved, I spent a few hours doing things I hated, and it actually wasn't so terrible. The world went on. Shoppers still shopped, Lifetime still aired, cookies were still eaten and gifts still wrapped. So I wish a Merry Grinchmas to all of you, and hope that you find joy and peace from within, and allow yourself in the year ahead the best gift of all - to be yourself. The world will go on.

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