Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Californian in New York

I took a brief respite from blogging and other work projects last week to fly to my former stomping ground, the Big Apple, for the first time in nearly a year. My conclusion? Experiencing New York as a tourist shall I say it....way fun, if not just a tad strange. It was somewhat like going back to your college reunion, and looking for the little nooks and crannies where you used to hang out, just because.... Indeed, there was a certain reassurance in walking along the promenade in Carl Schurz Park, taking a jog through Peter Cooper Village and along the East River Drive, ordering an egg cream and pastrami sandwich at Lindy's, and a matzoh ball soup and cheesecake at Junior's. (I never did this when I lived there...why? It was all so tasty...)

I saw the giant snowflake in all its resplendent (and Swarovski) glory on Fifth Avenue, and of course, the brilliant Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center. Other highlights included a brief stint at MOMA to visit the photography and sculpture collections, including the sculpture of Martin Puryear, which was modern and primitive at the same time. Everything was almost exactly the same as I remembered New York in winter. The crowds were huge, the traffic was horrendous, the weather was freezing, but amid the hustle and bustle, people seemed fairly happy overall, walking about on the sidewalks as if they had a secret, or were about to meet up with their best friend for coffee or a movie. Happy Holidays, New York, you are missed.

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