Tuesday, November 27, 2007

"We're Not on E-Mail"

We recently made some wonderful new friends in our apartment building. So far, we have barbecued with them, attended their son's birthday party, played a grueling five-hour monopoly game, and been invited for the holidays. We only see them sporadically, though, when we speak on the phone or run into each other, and being active e-mail correspondents, it's only natural for my husband and I to ask the inevitable question at the end of the evening: "er...um...can we e-mail you?" The last time we asked, our hostess responded: "Well, we're not on e-mail...," although she hesitantly scrawled in green magic marker on the edge of a cocktail napkin, her name dot something dot net. "Wow," I thought to myself. "What would it like to not be on e-mail?" This would be like not being on a diet or a budget. I was jealous. Think of all the free time I would have if I were not on e-mail. Can one simply declare oneself not on e-mail? Was this the same as not being online, period? Was this the new anti-social media? I have tried to e-mail my friend several times, not surprisingly, to no avail. After all, she's not on it. I guess I'll wait until I run into her, or I could give her a call, or even send her a letter...if I had her address. But then again, that's so passe.

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