Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday Revisited...Or, 7 Things to do at 4 am Other Then Shop

1. Read that pile of magazines that's been stacked in your livingroom/bathroom/closet (?) since the millenium...
2. Attack that pile of Thanksgiving leftovers that's been in the fridge for all of 2 hours, with refreshed verve and gusto! Hello sweet potatoes, how are you cranberries, just saying "hi," pumpkin pie...
3. Watch a ridiculous rerun of "The Titanic" on cable. Even if you're depressed, chances are your life will look a lot better compared to crashing into an iceberg. And be sure to turn the sound off at key moments if you don't want to hear "My Heart Will Go On" 500 times.
4. Call someone just to chat who's in another time zone. It has to be daytime somewhere.
5. Clean your kitchen, and then pretend you didn't. When you wake up to a suddenly transformed room and sparkling appliances, you'll think you splurged on a housekeeper.
6. Send yourself an intensly deep e-mail on a. life and the meaning of spirituality b. being and nothingness, or c. a book report on "War and Peace." So what if you wake up to find it's only the grocery list?
7. Plan a holiday trip to Hawaii with all the money you saved not shopping.

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