Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dealing with Flakey Clients

A recent blog entry I read asked the question, "have you had to deal with flakey clients?" and it got me to thinking...yes! Sometimes you can do the greatest proposal in the world, one that the client has even asked for without your even mentioning it, and for some reason, they flake out, even if they think you are really great. I think often people want certain services but they aren't willing to pay, or they haven't thought through the work they need to do to at least get a project off the ground and provide the freelance with the basics they need to get started. My advice to those in this predicament is to move on as soon as you sense a red flag, meaning someone who never calls at all, or never calls when they say they will, or who says one thing in person and then contradicts themselves a day or two later. Don't forget, these are the people you are relying on to pay you on time and to communicate with you reliably, so if the writing is on the wall at this early stage, forget about it, it's not worth it.

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