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Carrie Freelance August E-News

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Welcome everyone! I am excited to bring you all the latest news from Carrie Freelance, including: some new feature astomatosignments for a university alumni publication (more about this in an upcoming issue); the birth of Sunrise Advisors, our new partnership devoted to helping socially responsible organizations and creative community enterprises; and lots more! I hope you are taking the time to enjoy summer's offerings, including reading that juicy novel you've been carrying around, sipping a refreshing drink, or jumdivingping in the pool or ocean. Every season, I try to discover something new. This summer, it has been...yes...tomato sorbet. An accidental and quite enjoyable discovery. Did you discover something new this summer, or accomplish a long time goal? E mail me at, and I may publish your story! Until then, take care, and see you poolside....

PS. Check out the latest redesign of my web site, which will keep you in the summer mood with some Beach Boys accompaniment in the background!

sunriselogo Sunrise Advisors Partners Emmett Pickett and Caroline Jaffe -Pickett to Attend Craigslist Foundation Nonprofit Boot Camp in Berkeley, CA

You may recall in the last issue of Carrie Freelance News, we announced that a new client of Carrie Freelance is Sunrise Advisors, a partnership devoted to helping nonprofits and creative community enterprises in a variety of areas, with the primary focus being income generation, as well as branding and marketing. We are pleased to report that our new client, One-Earth, in Brooklyn New York, is doing well, with a new web site,, a wiki where users create the content focused on sustainable living. We recently launched our new web site (see link above) and blog, and encourage you to subscribe. Our other big news is that we are excited about attending the annual CraigsList Foundation Annual Nonprofit Boot Camp in Berkeley, CA. We plan on attending many of the educational workshops and meeting many representatives from a wide variety of nonprofits. We'll report back in the September issue.

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computer woman

I just learned about a great social networking site for book lovers called Goodreads. Founded by Otis Chandler in January of 2007, the site enables you to list which books you're reading or are about to read, write reviews, and check out what your friends are reading. For more, click here....

Carrie's Blog
Jerry Garcia's birthday, shark film reviews, slice of life anecdotal tidbits, etc.

Prairie Home Companion
Because everyone needs a little
Garrison Keilor when they're in the mood for a great story....

These guys travelled to Brazil in 2000 and "discovered the joys of the accaii berry...rejuvinating, invigorating, and all that good stuff. OK, the drink is tasty, but the web site is even better, with a slide show, neat graphics, and some worthwhile sustainability projects.


Yipes! My blog talked to me!
OK, it wasn't a total surprise, as I had been playing around with feeds and URLs and all kinds of things, but hey, I didn't exactly expect them to work. This software picks up the text of your blog and turns it into audio, so you and others can hear your words of wisdom spoken back to you...suitable for Podcast downloads and other fun stuff.
Carrie's Fiction Pick

I was deeply moved by this debut fiction in the June 11 New Yorker summer fiction issue. The narrator, Blatand, is a Danish man of Japanese origin who lives in Paris, dates a Japanese woman, and makes money by translating a French text into English. But the story on a deeper level is about language, and also the effect that love has on us and what it makes us do, or not do- and also, whether it can or cannot save us. Fiction lovers will really appreciate this story, as well as "Wildwood" by Juno Diaz, also in the same issue and equally gripping. For more, click here....


Guest Interview with
Jaydee Dizon, photographer

Jaydee is one of the great people we have met in the area so far in our California adventure. She has a fine arts degree from California State University Long Beach, and she is inspired by the California landscape. She has exhibited her work in the US as well as internationally, and is particularly interested in silver gelatin prints and mixed media.

(See next blog post...)

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