Friday, May 04, 2007

New Web Sites Discoveries

Here are some great new web sites I discovered recently. Check them out!

1. The Green - Some of you may have caught "Big Ideas for a Small Planet" Tuesday night on the Sundance Channel. If you haven't seen the tv show yet, you must. Some of the segments were truly groundbreaking, including the debut of the film "Crapshoot," a very scary look at the nation's sewage treatments facilities and the problem of sewage and the environment. It was really disturbing to learn that 80% of Canada's coastal communities dump raw sewage into their waters. Ug! Many of the segments are available through video links online. The site features ecovideos, guide to greener living, and a soon to be launched Eco-mmunity that will have resources for linking up with ecoconscious folks around the globe. Hats off to Robert Redford, who continues to be a real pioneer in environmental preservation and sustainability.

2. - OK, I hadn't heard of this until 2 weeks ago, and now all of a sudden I've heard people mention this site a hundred times. All right, a dozen times, but that's still a lot. Second Life is a 3-D virtual world built and owned by residents. Users can use it to create an avatar, buy your own island, test out new products and marketing ideas, and do commerce in "lindens" instead of dollars. Here's an interesting note: In August 2006, Suzanne Vega became the first major recording artist to perform live in Second Life avatar form. The site features blogs, newsletters, and links to music, fashion, and more. Here's what's listed under the "Have Fun" link: "In Second Life, there's something new around every corner. The world is filled with hundreds of games, from multi-player RPG's to puzzles and grid-wide contests. There are also casinos, dance clubs, shopping malls, space stations, vampire castles and movie theatres. To find something to do at any time of the day or night, simply open the Search menu and click on Events. You'll see a listing of Discussions, Sports, Commercial, Entertainment, Games, Pagaents, Education, Arts and Culture and Charity/Support Groups."
You'll have to see the rest for yourself....

3. - This is a chocolates company in San Francisco, and just looking at the home page made me want to order up a large box of you know whats, OK, maybe even more then one box. I haven't tried the chocolates yet, but judging from the incredible photos on this site, it won't be long before I do. The site features sauces, bars, boxed chocolates, mother's day specials, and gift boxes. Yummo! The company was founded in 1997, by its owner, Michael, who espouses the wonders of chocolate in his online bio. Really...who can blame him?

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Tumblewords: said...

I'm familiar with Second Life, but not with the Sundance site so I'm off to investigate. About chocolate...oh, my. Gotta love it. Incidentally, my last two scheduled yoga classes end next week and I'm already missing it. Yoga is nearly as addictive as chocolate and happiness.
And thanks for adding me to your newsletter list!