Saturday, April 14, 2007

We Won!

Yay! Courtesy of, we are the proud winners of tickets to see "The Master of the House" at the Laguna Playhouse next weekend. Here I am picking up the tickets, pictured with Quinn Fry, the managing editor of, who also does a segment on "OC Lifestyle" on Cox Channel 3. The play was written by Shmuel Hasfari, who was born in 1954 in Tel Aviv, Israel, to a religious family. He began to study theater at Tel Aviv University, but he left the university along with a group of students who, in 1981, performed at the Alternative Theater Festival in Acre. The next year they received first prize. Hasfari is considered one of Israel's leading playwrights. His works are controversial, due to the harsh image of Israeli society reflected in his plays which include: Kidush, Shivaa, Hamets, Acordionim, Tashmad and Milano. His play, "The Master of the House" (In Hebrew: Eeshah. Ba-al. Bayit.), was the 2003 Award-winner for Best Play in Israel. The play is making its American premiere at Laguna. Here is a brief synopsis:

"Nava wants to completely remodel the house. Joel doesn’t want to change a thing about it. Down deep, their motivation is really the same, and until they finally come to terms with that, there can be no resolution. Filled with humor and pathos, this play uses a familiar marital battleground as a springboard to explore life’s complexities in contemporary Israel."

Thanks so much to "OCNow" and to Quinn for the tickets! I'll be back with a review of the play soon....

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Tumblewords: said...

Congratulations! I'll look forward to your review. It's wonderful to stop by and pick up another bit of information about the people and places of our world.