Friday, February 23, 2007

Spilled Vanilla....but alive and well in the OC

Apologies to readers who may have wondered where the heck I disappeared to, or who may have incorrectly concluded that writing about Woody Allen and Rod Serling in one breath (see last blog entry) was enough to put me over the edge. I am pleased to say we have happily relocated to Orange County, CA, and despite a few small snags in the logistics of it the movers calling to say they were stuck in Nebraska but not to worry (was this supposed to be reassuring??), and our car that we lovingly shipped from home not starting upon being delivered, and a few broken items along the way, we have survived. I mention broken items, one of them being, and how strange is this--a bottle of vanilla that I had drive three hours to obtain from New York to the Berkshires last August, and which had never been opened, and which had been painstakingly bubble wrapped to perfection, or what I thought was perfection. So how odd was it when we opened one of our last boxes and I commented to my husband upon tearing off the tape and digging through the layers of bubble wrap, that the box somehow smelled of ginger bread cookies and holiday time and even-dare I say - chocolate, and did he pack something I didn't know about? And then there it was, the empty bottle, leaving behind a clear brown pool of the expensive gourmet elixir, which soaked everything in its path, including 2 picture frames, a pair of socks, and a kitchen handtowel. It was truly odd- particularly since other items that were infinitely more delicate, such as wedding photos, glass figurines and the like, remained surprisingly intact. "Well," my husband said, "we can always order more vanilla online." "I know," I said, "but it's not the same as using the one that I schlepped three thousand miles across the country. It's not fair." "Life isn't fair," he said, and that was the end of it. Life lesson #1. Well, almost the end. I saved the bottle for about 3 days until I decided this was completely ridiculous, and then I threw it out.
Life lesson #2: don't focus on the one broken bottle, but the one thousand things that didn't break. There you have it.

Orange County Highlights Thus Far:
1. Laguna Beach and beachwalking at Crystal Cove Park.
2. Zov's in Tustin, rated one of the top 10 restaurants in the OC. I ordered a juicy and succulent barbeque chicken, and washed it down with an amazing virgin pomegranate martini.
3. Running around the lake in Woodbridge and watching the weird way the geese sleep, on one foot with their heads twisted to the side! OK, they probably think I look weird when I sleep too.
4. The Ferris Wheel at the Spectrum. We read that it was built in Italy and shipped to Irvine and assembled piece by piece here.
5. The Golden Spoon frozen yogurt---so much better then Tasty Delight, of which there are only nine million branches in New York. Why are there none of these back east?
6. Dana Point Harbor. This place is infinitely cool - with picturesque views of the Harbor, shops and restaurants along the water, and whale watches cruises all through the winter.
7. The Balboa Bar on Balboa Island-- essentially a vanilla ice cream bar smothered in colored sprinkles, nuts, and anything else you can think of. Enough to make you feel like a kid again, and that maybe before you eat the next one you should go for a ten mile run first.
8. Passing my written test for my CA driver's license, as I deftly fielded questions on speed limits, crosswalks, painted curbs, going uphill, going downhill, tailgating, U turns, parking, and so much more. I hadn't sweated so much since I took the SAT's my senior year of high school.
9. Shopping at COSTCO, and turning to my husband at point, saying "Oh my gosh, we've been supersized! Note: the roast chicken we bought 2 weeks ago is still in the refrigerator. Need I say more?

More highlights to follow as we continue this California journey....stay tuned.

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Tumblewords: said...

This piece brings back memories of the days I spent in the land of milk and honey. A true departure from seasons. Sorry about the vanilla! Lots of nice wisdom threaded here...