Monday, December 04, 2006

Cool Web Sites and Recent Finds

*Mundo Cafe & Restaurant

While visiting our wonderful friend from
Paris, Jeremie, who lives in Astoria, we had dinner here Friday
night, and what a treat! There is no way to eat quickly here...and you
wouldn't want to anyway. The relaxed setting, including groovy
metallic art on the walls, funky holiday decorations, and
candlelight, all led to great merriment into the wee hours. We enjoyed chatting
with co owner Willy from Argentina, who cooks much of the delicious
food himself. The food is fabulous, a fusion of Turkish and Middle
Eastern influences, with the real fun being in the appetizers. We
enjoyed light and savory treats such as grilled portobello mushrooms
sprinkled with parmagiano, red sonja (red lentil patties - take my
word for it, fantastic!) The desserts were smooth and delicate,
including a moist and creamy tiramisu, a decadent chocolate mousse,
and believe it or not, ricotta ice cream...need I say more?

The Dash
Inspirational Film This link was sent to me a few months
ago and I look at it all the time for inspiration. I love the music
and the thought behind it. Take a few minutes from your busy day and
treat yourself to this reminder of what life is all about...

Stephane Pompougnac
A French disc jockey, a place called the Costes
Hotel, and 11 CD's. That's all I'm going to say. Just get any of this
music and you'll feel tres chic and groovy.
We discovered this bath products shop in San Francisco a
few years ago and I have never gotten over it --in a good way. If
you're there in person you can dab, dollop, and sniff away to your
heart's content, but until then you'll have to take my word for it. I
strongly suggest the Mustard Detox bath fizzy, particularly if you
have sinus issues or it's been snowing and you just spent the last
ten hours digging your car out of your driveway. You drop it in the tub,
it fizzes... it's all good.

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