Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Which Way is the Museum?

Lately, every time Emmett and I go out the door, someone asks us, or rather him, for directions. On Sunday, for example, we were downtown waiting for the bus, and an elderly gentleman asked him if that particular bus would go to east 75th Street. Yes, he explained. Then the other day, a young European couple asked him which way was Greenwich Ave. And last weekend when we were on the upper west side, a woman asked him how to get downtown. And it's not only the last few days...this has been going on since we met, 7 years ago. I guess there are a lot of confused people out there, who clearly are not reading their transit maps, or if they do, are still confused. It's no problem, we're happy to help--let me say, Emmett is happy to help. By the way, these aren't only tourists - sometime it seems like regular old Manhattanites.

My question is, why doesn't anyone ask me? I mean, we're both walking together, in the same direction at the same time. And I grew up in the city too. Why is it assumed that only he will know? Is this a gender issue? Is only he emanating knowledge?And it's not only in Manhattan. Sometimes we're walking around somewhere new, like on vacation for example, and we have no idea whatsoever where we are going, and people still ask Emmett: "Which way is the museum?" At this point, he usually has to admit ignorance and confess: "Sorry, we're not from here." Unless, of course, there's clearly a sign hanging above their heads, that clearly states: "Museum straight ahead," in which case he'll point that out as well.

Maybe soon, someone will ask me for directions and I'll send them the right way. Goodness knows if I send them the wrong direction, I'll never forgive myself. Come to think of it, I may have been stopped for directions before in my life, and they may not have been perfect directions, but I tried. Come to think of it, maybe this is too much responsibility for me. People could wander around aimlessly in the meatpacking district or chelsea or the village, all because of moi. Better they ask him. Or better yet, give them a map and let them navigate on your own. And who says New Yorkers aren't friendly?

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