Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Something for Nothing

All day, I really wanted to write a blog entry so I could proudly tell people that I was transitioning from one blog entry a week (or longer), to twice in one week. This would be a real accomplishment, like flossing twice a day. As I went about my day, small ideas kept flashing across my brain like closed captioning, and I kept thinking, OK, I'll write about this small thing or that small thing. Emphasis on small. I thought about writing something on potatoes, maybe because I had recently purchased a bag of fingerling potatoes and was perplexed by the fact that on the outside of the package it said: "microwaveable," which probably was the reason I bought the bag of potatoes, thinking how great that it is that we live in modern times where things can be packaged for ultimate efficiency( contaminated spinach aside.) But then when I got home I realized that really, any potato is microwavable, and that indeed, hadn't I been microwaving potatoes for like twenty years? When I started to really think about it, I realized I'd been microwaving potatoes long before "Thirty Something" went off the air and REM came out with "Shiny Happy People." I said to my husband, "have you ever met a potato you couldn't microwave?" and he gave me a funny look. End of topic -- except to say that I decided potatoes weren't interesting enough to blog about, and to add that there are 161 google images of fingerling potatoes available. The image here is of a baking potato, as those in the know may have surmised. I did not care for any of the 161 fingerling me fussy.

Next, I thought about celebrities and how, despite all the hype and hoopla, they inevitably disappoint, at least for me. For example, I caught a glimpse of Rosie O'Donnell on "The View" the other morning, and while I like her and think she is pretty funny overall, she is too loud and dominates the conversation too much, no matter who she is sitting next to. When she opens her mouth, I get a little nervous and change the channel. When I changed the channel this morning, I found the Rachael Ray show. I have been a fan in the past, but I was dismayed that in preparing a children's lunch "bento" box, she thought it appropriate to include goopy sushi candy, basically glammed up rice krispy squares, and then, to my shock and surprise, she did a segment on what kids eat for lunch, and brought in her own junk food in the form of a Twinkie! I don't have kids, but last time I checked, most parents are pretty concerned about nutrition and I would think they'd be perplexed and disappointed at Rachael's emphasis on sugar and chemicals.

Then I thought about how in the last week I had found the following unexpected items: $10 in my raincoat pocket; a Burt's Bees red lipstick in the bottom of my purse; a Tasty Delight coupon a book of stamps I'd forgotten about in the desk drawer; and a jar of "nofat but doesn'ttastethatway" chocolate sauce in the fridge that I won from a magazine. I helped myself to a spoonful and realized that while unexpected things are nice, they don't always make good blog entries and that I would have my snack and leave it at that.

For a change, I thought I would try blogging in Firefox tonight even though I had nothing particular to say. When I got the blank screen, I was thrilled to see a formatting menu await me! What joy...bold, italic, a technicolor palette of colors! All this had been denied to me in Safari. I was so inspired that I wrote about all the small things in this array of colors, font, and sizes that you see here. Suddenly the world is new again, and I'm thinking... maybe nothing is something after all. Wasn't there a tv show about this?

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