Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Our Lucky Day!

On Sunday, we walked around all over New York and ended up at three city parks! We didn't intend on doing this...we intended on just going for brunch on the upper west side and catching part of the Eco Fest going on at Lincoln Center. But one thing led to another, and we ended up first having brunch outdoors at this cool place called Fred's on Amsterdam in the eightees, which has a serious canine motif going on, meaning that when you go inside to go to the bathroom you are surrounded by thousands of dog posters on the walls. Dogs everywhere - shnauzers, beagles, yorkies, poodles-photos from all over the world. But onto more serious things... the food! I had tasty eggs benedict and Emmett had a portobello sandwhich, all was fresh and well seasoned. We also shared a tasty drink called a "pink brick," a mixture of lemonade, 7 Up, and cranberry juice. Very refreshing and something I could realistically try at home. Next, we ended up by the 79th Street Boat Basin and Riverside Park, which much to our surprise has been pleasantly revurbished, with landscaped walkways and nice overlooks facing the Hudson, reminiscent of San Francisco. Then we cut over to Lincoln Center, where the Eco Fest was OK but not super organized and not well attended. However, we signed up for some contests, contributed to a farm in upstate NY that saves animals from being slaughtered, and tasted some green tea energy drink that might have potential. It seems wherever you go, a new green tea energy drink awaits. Anyway, after that, we headed into Central Park, where much to our further surprise, Emmett noticed some extra cash in his wallet when he stopped to get me a bottled water, no idea how it got there. So being the fun loving dude he is, he instantly sprung for a half hour pedicab ride through Central Park. Wow, my life flashed before my eyes as we shooshed through the park, past the carousel, Wollman's rink, a great view of Sheep's Meadow and the Dakota. Speaking of the Dakota, we stopped off afterwards at Strawberry Fields and paid a tribute to John Lennon. We both remembered exactly what we were doing the night Lennon was killed, much the same way we remember 9/11 now.

Finally, we ended up near home at Madison Square Park, where the US Open was being screened for free and thanks to American Express, we scored some groovy complimentary towels just by flashing our credit cards. This was a nice touch, plus we got to see Agassi's farewell speech enlarged tenfold.

We thought that was the end of our good luck, (the free towel and the extra cash being the highlights) and the rest of the weekend passed without incident, until lo and behold on Tuesday morning, we got a message that I had won a free massage and yoga series at the new Deeprak Chopra Spa Center in midtown, courtesy of the Eco Fest contest. Our luck runneth over! I'll keep you posted on both the yoga and massage once I indulge....


Tumblewords: said...

Heartwarming! I'm anxious to hear more -

Unknown said...

Hi tumblewords, glad you enjoyed this and will keep posting!