Saturday, July 22, 2006

My Favorites

OK, if Oprah can do it, why not me? It's time for my first annual "Favorite Things," which I plan on updating monthly, so stay tuned...Also, stay tuned for "Least Favorite Things,"otherwise known as "Things I Hate," coming up soon. This should be a fun one...

Summer Reading: It's a tie: "Aloft" by Chang Rae Lee (see under Book Reviews for more details) and "The Doctor's Daughter" by Hilma Wolitzer.

TV Show: "Sex in the City" (OK, it's on its ten millionth rerun, but hey, I never saw it the first time.)

Frozen Yogurt: Stoneyfield Farms --any flavor is good, but the Vanilla Swirl is particularly satisfying, with a sinful ribbon of chocolate fudge running throughout. Cookies N Creme is delicious too. And you can feel good about contributing to a politically correct company.

Song: "So You Had a Bad Day" - Daniel Powter

Soap and Body Care: Anything from Pangea Organics. This stuff smells great, is totally organic, and has wild ingredients you've never heard of before. The best part is the soap is mild enough to wash your hair with! Check out for info.

DVD's: "Brokeback Mountain" and "Walk the Line": Wow - I missed these the first time and so glad I caught the DVD's. Great acting, great screenplays, and wonderful scenery on both films, particularly "Brokeback," which, though it starts out slow, leaves you on the edge of your seat. I thought I didn't care about a story about two cowboys in the mountains (gay or otherwise), but this movie is so well done and about so much more then that, it is truly universal. I wasn't much interested in Johnny Cash, either, but the movie will make you stomp your toes and reanalyze ( if you haven't analyzed already) the lyrics to "Ring of Fire," and make you feel really really really bad that the poor guy didn't live to see the finished movie. But at least despite his turmoils,he found a great life with June Carter and got himself off popping pills.

Yoga: Be Yoga/Yoga Works - studios throughout Manhattan and Westchester. The teachers are excellent and the classes make you feel as loose as a wet noodle. Seriously. Take class with Doug any chance you get, he knows all about that pain in your left toe or the right side of your neck just by looking at you.

Facial: Naturopathica in Easthampton. This place is heaven on earth. The treatment I had was so relaxing I almost didn't notice the traffic on Montauk highway getting there and back., and my face glowed like a freshly rinsed plum.

More to come!

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